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That Ain't Country

French poodle in the front seat, long black Mercedes Benz.
Mountain bike on a Subaru, celebrating diversity.
Greenpeace and Sierra Club, shutting down the farms from coast to coast.
High tea in the clubhouse, and mainstream Nashville radio.

Well that ainít country. No mam that ainít country.
A 3 piece suit and a briefcase, driving in the carpool lane.
Sorry that ainít country. Afraid that ainít country.
That ainít the way that I was raised, no that ainít country.

Hank Williams and a sawdust floor. Merle, Waylon, and the Man in Black.
An old Ford pickup and a half breed dog named Bill.
Twin fiddles and a steel guitar. A John Deere plowing up a field.
A four wheel drive stuck in the mud and momís apple pie.

Now thatís country. Yeah man thatís country.
As country as a fishing hole and a cooler full of beer.
You can bet thatís country. Oh yeah, thatís country.
Now thatís the way that I was raised, yeah thatís country.

Turn that radio off man itís hurting my ears.
You can call that whatever you like, but, shootÖthat ainít country.
You know this song doesnít have one rhyme in it?Önow thatís country.
Whereís my fishing pole?

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