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"This CD is fabulous. It reminds me of the great country music I listened to when I was a kid.
The steel guitar and fiddle players are sensational.
(actually - the whole band is but I have a soft spot for steel and fiddle)
This CD rocks from start to finish. Great job!!" - Bill Rholf

"Great CD Mike. I'm listening to the new (July '06) version right now.
I think you've got it wired. I've heard a couple of your songs on the radio - sounding great as always.
When can we expect the next CD????????" -John Prater

"Thanks Mike for sending out the CD so quickly. It's all that I play in my car.
I think the first and last songs, Alone and Blue Eye, are the best.
You have a wonderful voice." -Shannon Maile

"I just received this CD in the mail yesterday.
I love it. Great band, lyrics, and vocals.
My favorites......."Wild and Free" and "Rodeo Angel"." -Ron Setter

"Once every 20 years or so, there comes at least one great singer/songwriter to Country music.
Mike Parrish just happens to be that artist. Parrish's latest album "Rye Whiskey Why" is a testament to his
natural ability to connect the most meaningful sentiments in song with a voice that
is just as hungry and desperate as the pictures he's painted in his songs.
"Rye Whiskey Why" is a 10-song treasure that stirs a longing to hit the road and 'run, rope & ride.'
The highlights of Parrish's album includes the upbeat cowboy anthem "Wild and Free."
Its heavy steel guitar overtones set the stage for a down and out drifting feeling that
takes us down a lonesome Texas highway with our thumbs sticking in the wind.
"Lonely Fool" is as Texas as you can get. This track features a Bob Wills-style fiddle that infects the soul.
Parrish's songwriting ability showcases his ultimate talent.
Parrish has a way of writing in the simplest terms to get maximum results.
"Can't Drink My Blues Away" is yet another track that tears away the glitz
of today's so-called Country music and gives us nothing but hardcore Texas Honky Tonk music.
The title cut "Rye Whiskey Why" mixes Merle Haggard guitar with a Hank Williams, Sr.
style vocal and lyric. The steel guitar waves are reminiscent of Don Helms.
This album showcases an artist of the great Northwest who bares his Texas soul.
Mike Parrish is a songwriter conveying his message of love, loss and ramblin' in terms all his own.
He's the Real Deal!" - Timothy Edwards Jones

"Finally!! An artist who's not afraid to buck the trend and break away
from today's garbage country radio. I salute you. This CD is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Jeff

- Brian in Virginia

"Hi!! I'm a country singer in Japan. Mr.Tanaka in tokyo told me your website.
I want to sing your "my blue guitar". And I'd like to visit to your wonderful Washington state, too."

"Well, I am not a real country music lover...by that I mean that I don't have the local
country music station playing in my truck all the time and do not enjoy lots of the newer "country" music.
I do really like your music, though, Mike. It is simple, pure, and your lyrics cause me to think and feel.
I think you have done an outstanding job with your first CD and hope you pursue your obvious talents along these lines.
Best of luck and keep up the good work!" - Carol in Oregon

"It's real kick butt country. Especially like Rye Whiskey Why. Anxious to see another CD."
- Shirley Phillips

"I especially like the diversity of each track while remaining classic country as well as the lyrics of all of the tracks.
(a story within the song). "Blue Eye" is hauntingly beautiful........" - Joanne Lowry

"The CD is great!!! I especially like tracks 3 and 9!"
- Aerol Paden

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