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Beautiful Baby



Dear my beautiful baby, beautiful baby, where will your dreams lead you?

As you look to the skies with stars in your eyes imagine a sky of blue.

With a rainbow to guide you made of wishes on a star.

See your guardian angel sent from heaven afar, with His love.


Beautiful baby, beautiful baby, there will be cloudy days.

When misfortune surrounds you, sorrow abounds, you see not but tears and pain.

Without dreams there’s no rainbow, there’s no lighthouse in the storm.

Will your heart find direction, when you’re lost….all alone in the dark?


Follow your heart. Trust in faith. Go with God.

You’ll find courage and strength. He will guide you on your way.


Go now close your eyes my beautiful baby, now is the time to dream.

Your future awaits you, beautiful baby, nothing you can’t achieve.

Keep your eyes on your rainbow, it’s there if only you believe.

There’s a place and a time when you will turn and you will see…..

All your dreams have come true.

All your dreams will come true.

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